MSFHR to serve as research partner on two CIHR-funded studies

30 July 2015

MSFHR was well represented in this week’s announcement of a $600-million federal investment in Canadian health research.

Not only did 44 past or current MSFHR awardees receive grants through CIHR’s Foundation Scheme and Transitional Open Operating Grant competitions, but MSFHR itself will serve as a research partner on two funded projects.

The Foundation is named as a knowledge user partner on a program of research led by Dr. Ian Graham (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute) to advance the science of integrated knowledge translation research. MSFHR will also act as a knowledge mediator on a program led by Dr. Pascale Lehoux (Université de Montréal) focused on designing technologies for sustainable health care systems.

Graham’s research seeks to improve population health and strengthen health care systems by understanding how knowledge users make evidence-informed decisions through collaboration with researchers. MSFHR will work with Graham and his colleagues to help promote awareness and use of the research findings. It is hoped that the project will provide guidance to research funders such as MSFHR on how to best support researcher-knowledge user partnerships.

Lehoux’s program will conduct research on the design, financing, and commercialization of responsible innovation in health to address key challenges, including responding to the needs of the elderly population, supporting chronically ill patients, and tackling health disparities. MSFHR has provided a letter of support for the project and will serve as a knowledge mediator, sharing the researchers’ findings with our various partners and stakeholders.

MSFHR’s involvement relates directly to our strategic focus on increasing the health system’s responsiveness to priority issues. By supporting these research initiatives, we will help build capacity in BC and across Canada for using research evidence in policy and practice.