MSFHR supporting exceptional Canadian Youth with Shad Valley

11 August 2010

Earlier this year, MSFHR entered into a new partnership with Shad Valley, a Canadian non-profit organization committed to developing intellectual excellence in youth. Shad Valley runs an annual four-week summer enrichment program for grades 10, 11 and 12 students that saw 54 high school students come together at UBC in July for mentoring by faculty and industry experts working in BC’s health sciences sector.

MSFHR Program Manager Rashmita Salvi and MSFHR Senior Director, Corporate Development and Partnerships Gracen Chungath attended Shad Valley’s Open Day event at the UBC Campus on July 22nd.

Chungath was captivated by the student projects, “It was amazing to see what some of the best and brightest students from across Canada came up with in just four short weeks,” she said. “We were able to preview their projects and business ideas and were thoroughly entertained by a variety show they put on.”

MSFHR’s support provided students the opportunity to visit labs, attend lectures and meet with their mentors during the summer period.