New infographics show impact of MSFHR funding programs

17 July 2014

A recent MSFHR analysis has confirmed the significant value of scholar awards and other funding programs to individual research careers and to the strength of BC’s health research enterprise.

With the generous support of a large cohort of past and current scholars, MSFHR analyzed CV data from 79 percent of individuals funded since 2001.

Highlights of this analysis are available in a new infographic that demonstrates the exceptional nature of the individuals and work supported by MSFHR funding.

Among the key findings:

  • 94% of MSFHR-funded scholars remain in BC as health research leaders
  • More than $1.1 billion in additional health research funding has been attracted to BC by scholar award recipients – more than 10 times MSFHR’s investment of $117M
  • MSFHR-funded scholars exceed BC and Canadian quality benchmarks for impact factor and number of citations
  • 55% of MSFHR-funded scholars have achieved the level of full professor within five years of completing their scholar award

Supplementing this analysis of scholar awards, a companion document provides a visual overview of the full scope of MSFHR funding programs, including trainee awards, infrastructure projects, and government priorities.


> MSFHR Scholar Impact (PDF)
> MSFHR Research Impact, 2001-2013 (PDF)