New issue of “Spark” asks how research can support healthy aging

10 November 2015

BC has the fastest growing population of seniors in Canada.

It is estimated that by 2031 roughly one quarter of the provincial population will be over the age of 65. Faced with this shifting demographic, it is important that we provide greater support in the coming years and decades for healthy aging in homes and communities.

In the third issue of Spark, we look at the important role of research in supporting older adults to age in place. Our main story follows MSFHR Scholars Joanie Sims-Gould and Heather McKay as they study street-level changes in Vancouver’s West End that influence mobility and social interaction. Through their work, they have built an evidence base that is helping to change the way engineers, city planners, and policy-makers look at older adults and the way cities are designed.

We also look at several projects that are helping to ensure BC is equipped to meet the needs of an aging population: a new mobile app that is helping seniors reap the health benefits of walking 10 blocks a day; an MSFHR-funded initiative working to integrate palliative care into nursing practice; and MSFHR’s ongoing work to help the BC Ministry of Health gather best practices in seniors’ home care.

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