New opportunity for researchers interested in health policy research

16 November 2017

MSFHR is partnering with CIHR’s Institute of Health Services and Policy Research (IHSPR) on its 2018 Health System Impact Fellowship program. This partnership is a great opportunity to help develop BC’s health policy research talent and build capacity for the integration of policy research into decision-making.

The Health System Impact Fellowship program provides highly qualified individuals who are enrolled in or have recently completed a doctorate degree in the area of health services and policy or related fields (e.g., health economics, public health, informatics, gerontology, health promotion etc.) a unique opportunity to apply their research and analytic talents to critical challenges in hospitals and other health-care settings, and to develop professional experience, new skills, and networks.

Our support for the Health System Impact Fellowship means we will be putting our Health Policy Fellowship Program on pause for 2018. MSFHR is still fully committed to its two current health policy fellows, Dr. Sana Shahram and Dr. Adam Vaughan, and the excellent work they are doing with Interior Health and the Provincial Health Services Authority, respectively.

We decided to partner with IHSPR after an analysis of our Health Policy Fellowship program indicated that we might want to explore a new approach to supporting health policy researchers and other stakeholders in BC’s health and health research ecosystem. This analysis was part of our ongoing program learning and improvement cycle that informs the development of our funding programs. It’s a multi-faceted process that includes ongoing data collection about our programs as well as outreach to applicants, policy organizations, universities, and an environmental scan of comparable programs across Canada.

IHSPR’s program is similar in spirit to the Health Policy Fellowship program, with a few important and exciting differences. The Health System Impact Fellowships offers higher stipends and the opportunity for fellows to participate in a national training cohort as well as engaging in a fellowship with a partner organization. It is also open to both doctoral and postdoctoral fellows. By partnering with IHSPR, we hope to increase the number of funded awardees working with BC health authorities and the provincial ministry of health and to reduce duplication in the system.

As part of our partnership with IHSPR, Shahram and Vaughan will be able to access some of the training opportunities available to the current Health System Impact fellows, further enhancing their fellowship experience.

IHSPR will launch their 2018 competition in early December, with a stream for doctoral-level trainees and a stream for postdoctoral-level trainees. Details will be available on the IHSPR website.