New resource to help nurses map their research careers

16 April 2014

A new resource commissioned by MSFHR will help define how nurses move through their careers in developing knowledge, skills, and competencies related to research and research use.

The Health Services Researcher Pathway, developed through the BC Nursing Research Initiative, describes five distinct levels of nurses’ research competency. The document is intended to support greater use of research at the point of care, where most nurses work.

The five levels outlined in the pathway are:

  • Level 1 – Research User
    The nurse learning about research use in care delivery settings
  • Level 2 – Research User
    The nurse using research in care delivery settings
  • Level 3 – Research User
    The nurse facilitating and leading research use in care delivery settings
  • Level 4 – Research Producer
    The nurse as a beginning researcher
  • Level 5 – Research Producer
    The nurse as a research scientist leading a program of research

This framework was informed by published literature, as well as consultation with stakeholders from across BC, including nurses in practice.

The pathway was developed by a project team co-led by Noreen Frisch (director, University of Victoria School of Nursing) and Sherry Hamilton (chief nursing and liaison officer, Provincial Health Services Authority).

The complete pathway and its supporting documents are available for download.