New website offers KT tools and resources

8 April 2015

A new website launched this month by the BC Knowledge Translation Community of Practice will serve as a valuable resource for anyone interested in the practice and study of KT.

The site, which is divided into public and members-only sections, aims to build connections between KT researchers, practitioners, and those with an interest in KT. On the public side, users can access news and information about the community of practice and learn how to join. For registered members, the site offers various KT resources as well as tools for sharing KT events, jobs, and volunteer opportunities.

“The new website was developed in response to the needs of our members, who said they wanted a way to connect with each other, regardless of geography, to share resources, tools, practices, opportunities, experiences, and more,” said Melissa Ashman, Leadership Committee & Meeting Leader for the BC Knowledge Translation Community of Practice.

“The site launch also coincides with a new strategic plan, evaluation plan, and updated charter, and we hope that anyone who is interested in or works in knowledge translation will join our diverse community.”

The BC Knowledge Translation Community of Practice was formed in 2011 as a network for people across BC with different backgrounds, roles, and skill levels to collaborate and enhance knowledge translation. The community is volunteer-member driven and operates with no funding, instead relying on in-kind contributions from members and their organizations. Funding for the development and hosting of the new website was provided by MSFHR and InspireNet.

Anyone with an interest in KT is encouraged to join the community of practice. Membership is free and is open to all backgrounds and levels of experience. Learn how to join.