Online survey seeks input on clinical care guideline implementation

25 March 2014

The BC Ministry of Health’s Clinical Care Management (CCM) Initiative is being used as a case study to better understand the dynamics of large-scale change in BC’s health system.

This project, commissioned by the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council in partnership with MSFHR, seeks to identify and assess mechanisms that enable or constrain the implementation of clinical guidelines in various contexts.

If you have been involved in implementing CCM clinical care guidelines, we would appreciate your thoughts on the results of our work so far by participating in a brief online survey before April 9.

We also ask that you forward the survey to any colleagues who have also been involved in CCM implementation, using the following link: The survey is anonymous; your identity cannot be associated with your responses. 

To date the project has engaged a wide range of participants in an extensive data collection process including key informant interviews and focus groups. All participants have been working at some level with CCM clinical guideline implementation.

The final deliverables for this project will include recommendations and practical discussion tools for improving the implementation of change initiatives in our health system.


If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please contact the project team via Jen Bitz (