Partner with us on 2015 Trainee Awards

17 February 2015

With applications for 2015 Trainee Awards now in full swing, MSFHR is actively seeking partners interested in jointly funding a post-doctoral fellow. Partnering with MSFHR means we can achieve common goals and create new opportunities for health research excellence in BC.

“If a partner wants to grow a particular area like schizophrenia research or Alzheimer’s research, by partnering with MSFHR, they’re able to grow the capacity in BC for that kind of research and help researchers have the protected time to grow their research activities,” explains MSFHR President & CEO Dr. Diane Finegood.

While the partnership benefits will differ slightly for each organization coming on board, all partners will always benefit from:

MSFHR’s highly-regarded peer review process.

MSFHR’s team already has the infrastructure to administer all the details of the award process so our partners don’t have to.

“Having a partner like MSFHR, where we’re able to get an incredible peer review process, the panel of experts that they bring to the table, and the dollar-for-dollar matching really is just incredible for us.”

— Shawn Laari, executive director, BC Epilepsy Society

The opportunity for partners and their donors to connect directly with the researcher.

As a jointly funded 2011 Trainee, Stuart Cain had the opportunity to meet with members of the BC Epilepsy Society in his lab, present at the society’s AGM, and even contribute to their newsletter with updates on his research. Through this relationship, the BC Epilepsy Society was able to demonstrate the value of their investment in Stuart’s research to their donors.

High-quality research that is directly relevant to your organization’s mandate.

Your dollars will go directly to research innovation that makes a difference to your stakeholders. When you partner with us, you have access to valuable resources you can share with your donors and stakeholders to show do you are putting their money to work (see BC Epilepsy Society example above).

We encourage you to watch our partnership video to hear first-hand from our current partners — like Bill Barrable, CEO of the Rick Hansen Institute — why partnering on an award is one of the best research investments they could make.



It is clear that these partnerships are mutually beneficial.

  • For MSFHR, it’s about working together to enhance high-calibre health research by supporting talented researchers.
  • For partners like Gerhart Pahl, chair of the BC Schizophrenia Society Foundation, it is about "knowing our money is being used wisely, that only the best projects are being funded, and that there is accountability and objectivity.”
  • For current researchers like Christopher West, who is jointly funded by MSFHR and the Rick Hansen Institute, it is about "the impact my research can have because I can access other research centres across the country, which means I can really expand the amount of participants I can recruit.”

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with us, please contact Carol Harty at 604.714.2774 or