Partnerships support up-and-coming researchers

23 September 2015

The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research recently completed its 2015 Research Trainee funding competition by granting post-doctoral fellowship awards to 48 talented young investigators.

One quarter of these awards were co-funded by partnerships with health charities and not-for-profit organizations, and MSFHR is looking to build on that for 2016.

Six partner organizations (see full list below) joined forces with MSFHR to enable BC-based health research by helping to provide salary support for top young investigators in fields directly relevant to the partners’ research priorities.

The awardees were selected through MSFHR’s rigorous peer review process. They are in academic placements that position them to continue MSFHR awardees’ proven track record of producing research output that impacts policy, practice, and the health of individuals.

Opportunities are now available to partner for 2016 on co-funding a post-doctoral fellow or an early-career independent researcher. Hear what our partners say about the benefits of partnering with MSFHR. Contact us for more details. 

Partnered 2015 MSFHR Trainee Award recipients: