Patient voices key to improving research impact

11 February 2014

It’s time for patients to have a stronger voice in health research.

That was the message delivered by Bev Holmes, MSFHR Vice-President, Research and Impact, in a recent appearance on Shaw TV’s David Berner show.

Holmes appeared alongside Colleen McGavin, a volunteer with the Patient Voices Network, to discuss the importance of engaging ordinary citizens in the conversation about how health research is conducted.

As users of the health system, patients are well situated to help identify research priorities and provide input on how the results of research are put into practice.

Holmes and McGavin identified CIHR’s national Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research as one example of how patient perspectives are coming to play an important role in improving the impact of health research. MSFHR and the BC Ministry of Health are co-leading the development of a provincial support unit for patient-oriented research under the banner of SPOR.

The interview echoes the message of an opinion piece by Holmes and McGavin that appeared in the Vancouver Sun in January.

Watch the full interview below: