Positive response to health research strategy survey

20 June 2013

The BC health research strategy is in the final stages of a multi-pronged consultation process designed to solicit feedback from a wide range of health research stakeholders. An online survey closed last week and regional workshops are currently underway.

The health research community responded very positively to the survey – a total of 950 individuals, representing a wide cross-section of the BC health research community, completed the survey that closed June 12.

The survey tested four elements of the emerging health research strategy: a draft vision and goals, potential provincial level actions, and key research program gaps that a provincial health research strategy could help address.

Overall, the initial results indicate an emerging consensus with respect to priorities for provincial level actions. The top priorities include the development of an accessible and robust provincial data platform, academic health sciences networks, and a provincial mechanism to support evidence-based decision-making.

Results also suggest an emerging consensus with respect to key research program gaps that a provincial health strategy could help address. These include programs that support implementation of research evidence into practice or policy, programs focused on health promotion and disease prevention, and programs that support health professional involvement in research.

A summary report of the survey findings will be available on the BC health research strategy website in the next couple of weeks.

The final stage of the health research strategy consultation is underway this week and next. A series of regional workshops in Victoria, Surrey, Kelowna, and Vancouver in late June will solicit feedback from participants on what the emerging strategy might mean for key players in each region. A workshop will also be held in Prince George in July.

Further analysis of the survey data along with a review of the regional workshop input will be conducted over the coming weeks, with the aim of refining the direction for the BC health research strategy. The strategy will be drafted this summer.

For the latest updates on the BC health research strategy, visit www.bchealthresearchstrategy.ca.