Presenters wanted for Health XChange 2020: How can youth-led and youth-engaged approaches help to redefine research?

17 December 2019

COVID-19 update: To support public health efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, MSFHR has postponed the upcoming Vancouver Health xChange until October 6, 2020.

Health xChange is an annual evening of storytelling Powered by PechaKucha. The fourth annual Health xChange is asking: How can youth-led and youth-engaged approaches help to re-define research?

On October 6, 2020, MSFHR and the Vancouver Foundation will host Health xChange, bringing together researchers, community members, frontline clinicians and policy makers to network and share ideas about youth-engaged research and how it can improve health outcomes for young people.

We are inviting presentations from across the full spectrum of BC health research. Topics might include, but are not limited to:

  • Creative ways of ensuring a more vibrant diversity of youth voices are heard.
  • Considering different forms of knowledge (e.g. Indigenous storytelling).
  • Youth-based participatory action research to address inequities and access to health.
  • Methods for conducting or sharing research that address power imbalances.

Do you have a story to share? Check out our Call for Presenters and submit a 200-word overview or 2 to 3-minute video to by February 28, 2020.

Submissions should outline:

  • What health / health equity issues you addressed.
  • What changes were you hoping to make, and what changes you achieved.
  • Lessons learned.
  • Your contact information and where we might find further information about you, your project and organization.

We are thrilled, this year, to be working closely with a youth advisory group who has been working to develop the theme for this year’s Health xChange; they will also be adjudicating the presentation submissions. These young people come from a variety of backgrounds working, studying and volunteering in fields such as climate justice, indigenous and racialized youth, gender and sexuality and governance. We look forward to their fresh ideas and approach to designing and implementing this event.

Health xChange is coming to Kelowna

This year, MSFHR is pleased to announce there will be a second Health xChange in Kelowna, BC. Stay tuned for more details about the theme, date and submission process.

Find out more about Health xChange and knowledge translation at MSFHR

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