Report highlights best practices in seniors’ home care

29 August 2014

Evidence-based lessons and objectives for improving B.C. seniors’ home care are outlined in a new report that summarizes best practices from around the world.

The report synthesizes findings from an international forum on home care convened in January by MSFHR and the B.C. Ministry of Health. Six international experts were invited to Vancouver to speak about home care practice in their respective countries, offering an important opportunity for BC policy-makers and researchers to learn how other jurisdictions are providing sustainable home care for seniors.

Each expert speaker at the forum described the context for home care in his or her country as well as highlighting recent innovations and lessons learned from their own research. Following the presentations, participants discussed key lessons for B.C. before identifying a core set of objectives to guide the development of improved home care models. All presentations and subsequent discussions are summarized in the report, which is available for download.

MSFHR’s partnership with the B.C. Ministry of Health on this forum supports the Foundation’s strategic focus on addressing priority issues for British Columbia’s health system.

“A growing seniors’ population is a shared challenge among jurisdictions, and we welcomed the opportunity to bring together the Ministry of Health, the health authorities, and international experts to learn from each other and understand best practices,” said Dr. Diane Finegood, MSFHR president and CEO, in a press release.

The information from the forum will contribute to the Ministry’s efforts to improve home and community care services.


> Best Practices in Home Care for Seniors (PDF)