Science Policy Fellow will lead evidence-based review of emergency services

15 March 2012

MSFHR is pleased to announce the outcome of a new knowledge translation opportunity that bridges the gap between science and policy.

Noreen Kamal, a PhD student at the University of British Columbia, is the first recipient of the Science Policy Fellowship offered jointly by MSFHR, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and the BC Ministry of Health. Kamal, whose graduate studies focus on human-computer interaction in health, will be embedded in the Ministry of Health for six months to research policy options related to emergency department services in BC.

The Ministry of Health is currently undertaking a comprehensive review of emergency care to improve quality and efficiency. Kamal will co-lead the second phase of this project, with a focus on analyzing current services in the context of evidence-based best practices and proposing options appropriate for BC.

The Science Policy Fellowship was designed with the goal of establishing and nurturing critical links between policy-makers and external researchers in support of evidence-based public policy.