Sharing feedback from research programs consultation

20 September 2016

Between May and July, MSFHR staff travelled across BC to engage with a broad cross section of researchers, health professionals and administrators. Our aim was to better understand how our funding programs can meet the needs of BC’s health research community.

Thank you to everyone who made the time to attend. We’re grateful for the feedback we received, and we wanted to share with the broader research community a summary of the key themes that surfaced through these meetings.

One theme that emerged clearly from all regions was communication. Prospective applicants want program launch dates as early as possible to facilitate application development, project planning and collaboration. We have already incorporated that feedback into our program schedules. We posted a provisional launch calendar for upcoming programs in late July and we’ve been making program guidelines and other relevant materials available approximately one month before the competition itself is open for applications.

Other overarching themes included context and flexibility. Our stakeholders reminded us of the importance of being mindful of commonalities and differences between regions, including their unique strengths and barriers, when designing programs and review processes. This was particularly important to consultation participants living in the north, the interior, and on Vancouver Island. Stakeholders also highlighted the desire for more flexibility in how applicants are able to use funds and more diversity in the types of partnerships allowed as part of program requirements.

MSFHR staff continue to work through the consultation feedback as they finalize the design of our refreshed suite of funding programs. The detailed feedback received on the proposed new programs has provided valuable insights that are informing program design. We look forward to continuing to share the outcomes of this work with you, and we welcome your comments and questions.

A more detailed summary of the research programs stakeholder feedback is available on our Funding Programs page.