SPOR Support Unit business plan approved for submission to CIHR

20 June 2014

MSFHR and the BC Ministry of Health are very pleased to announce that the business plan for BC’s SPOR Support Unit has been approved by the project’s Interim Governing Council. At a review meeting held June 17, IGC members indicated strong support for the vision and model set out in the Support Unit business plan.

The approved business plan will be submitted to CIHR by the end of June. CIHR will conduct an iterative review of the business plan, consisting of both internal and external evaluation. More details on this process will be posted to the BC Support Unit website as they become available.

BC’s Support Unit will build a foundation for transforming our health system through research by engaging patients as key members of a new partnership including decision-makers, health care providers, and researchers. This partnership will set research priorities and work together to plan, design, conduct, apply, and learn from research that is meaningful and beneficial for patients, and that drives innovation and change in our health system.