Supporting breast cancer research

14 October 2009

BC breast cancer researchers were featured in a full page-spread in the Vancouver Sun on Friday, Oct. 9.

The support of the BC Government, through the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) and other initiatives, has helped support the critically important work of finding treatments and cures for this devastating disease. This article is one of a series of reports published in the Sun last  week on breast cancer research.

The reports also included one on the remarkable work of Drs Sam Aparicio and Marco Marra and colleagues in which they had identified the evolution of gene expression in a type of breast cancer. This work, published in the journal Nature, may lead to individual treatments to target specific mutations in breast tumour types.

The article gave an overview of the work of 26 breast cancer scientists across BC, including Drs Aparicio and Marra.

We are proud to have provided support to 14 of these scientists over the past eight years, and our objective is to work with government to ensure that the Foundation is positioned to continue this support in future. Below please find details on the different ways in which MSFHR has provided support to these researchers through our various personnel awards(distinguished scholar, senior scholar and scholar awards; trainee awards) and through infrastructure  funding for research teams and units as well as technology platforms. 

  • Dr. Sam Aparicio
    2007 Research Unit Member – Model Systems and Cancer Therapeutics
    Supervisor – 4 Trainees
    Member of the MSFHR Research Advisory Council
  • Dr. Marco Marra
    2001 Scholar
    2006 Senior Scholar
    2003 Research Unit Member – Cancer Control Research Unit
    2007 Research Unit Member – Model Systems and Cancer Therapeutics
    Supervisor – 8 Trainees
  • Dr. Shoukat Dedhar
    2001 Distinguished Scholar
    2003 Research Unit Member – Solid Tumour Progression Research Unit
    2004 Research Unit Member – The Prostate Centre’s Translational Research Initiative for Accelerated Discovery and Development
    Supervisor – 1 Trainee
  • Dr. Caren Helbing
    2003 Scholar
    Supervisor – 1 Trainee