Symposium to explore role of networks in policy and practice

24 June 2015

This September, senior government, research, and organizational leaders from across Canada, the United States, and Europe will gather at the Network Leadership Symposium in Edmonton to explore the role of inter-organizational networks in addressing critical policy issues and practice challenges.

Networks and similar collaborative structures have been used by governments as interventions to deal with many of the most complex problems, often in uncertain environments, such as health services reform, climate change adaptation and mitigation, disaster response, and terrorism. Networks are used for many purposes, including supporting learning, leveraging organizational growth, building community capacity, encouraging cross-sector planning or service delivery, sustaining connections during times of change, and supporting quality improvement.

MSFHR’s involvement in the symposium is well timed, given its current work on a number of network-based projects.

“Networks are on the increase in BC, including the recently-announced Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations development grant co-funded by MSFHR,” says MSFHR’s Bev Holmes, a member of the symposium steering committee. “Other examples include the developing Academic Health Science Network and even the BC SPOR SUPPORT Unit, which functions as a network with its regional centres, provincial hub and methods clusters. I see this event as an exciting opportunity to advance our understanding of networks so we can maximize our success as we move to implementation.”

This symposium allows participants to take a more interactive role, and collaboration with presenters is encouraged. The intent of the symposium is not only to create generative learning experiences on the day, but to also capture and share that learning going forward.

This year’s symposium builds on previous successess. MSFHR was pleased to take on a similar role — Bev Holmes was on the organizing steering committee and MSFHR contributed through sponsorship — in November 2013, with the last symposium taking place at BC’s Royal Roads University.

For more information and to register, visit the Network Leadership Symposium website.