Two MSFHR Platforms receive renewed funding

7 December 2012

Two MSFHR-funded platforms that enhance research infrastructure across BC have been renewed for five-year terms.

Following a rigorous peer-review of the applicants’ strategic business plans, the BC Proteomics Network and Population Data BC have been selected to receive funding to expand the scope of their activities. Both platforms launched in 2007 as part of MSFHR’s Technology/Methodology Platforms program.

Over their initial five-year mandates, the platforms succeeded in building collaborations and partnerships, sharing human and material resources, enhancing the training environment, and promoting knowledge transfer and exchange.

  • The BC Proteomics Network has unified the province’s proteomics resources and established BC as a national leader in this emerging field. Proteomics is the large scale analysis of proteins in a cell, tissue or organism. The network has increased proteomics knowledge in BC through education and training activities, and supported proteomics research through support services and pilot project funding programs.
  • Population Data BC has established a secure, coordinated, and effective mechanism to provide researchers access to linked health care databases. The platform has streamlined data access and established itself as a valuable training resource.

Phase II objectives

The second phase of MSFHR funding is aimed at building the platforms’ ability to increase user access, advance business opportunities, expand research capacity, and improve health system outcomes.

The BC Proteomics Network will expand into proteomics-based translational medicine and clinical research leading to an implementation of personalized medicine and a change in the health systems in the province. The network will also continue to increase access to proteomics knowledge and resources and work towards financial sustainability and improved return on investment.

Population Data BC will focus on expanding the scope and use of the platform, enhancing its quality, and building researcher capacity. It has also been named Director of the International Health Data Linkage Network for 2013-14 and will host an international conference in 2014, offering the opportunity to raise the platform’s profile internationally.

As part of their phase II funding, both platforms are expected to develop plans to sustain their work once MSFHR funding ends.