UBC team to evaluate accelerated integrated primary and community care

4 December 2014

A research team from UBC’s Centre for Health Services and Policy Research has been selected to evaluate the impact of the BC Ministry of Health’s Accelerated Integrated Primary and Community Care (aIPCC) initiatives.

The researchers, led by Dr. Kim McGrail, will use Ministry of Health data to identify patterns of health services use, such as emergency department visits, acute care admissions, and long-term residential care admissions. Their study will determine how these patterns have changed as a result of aIPCC initiatives, which are being implemented across the province to support the Ministry’s goal of providing as many health services as possible in the community.

McGrail and her team were selected to undertake this project through a Request for Applications issued by MSFHR in August. The multi-disciplinary team includes experts in health economics, nursing, primary care, and home and community care.

The study’s methodology and analyses will be developed in collaboration with an advisory committee that includes representatives of each regional health authority and the Ministry of Health. A rigorous observational study design will estimate changes in the use of health care services that can be attributed to integrated primary and community care interventions. This quantitative analysis may also inform future research, such as a qualitative study to understand why different programs have different effects.

MSFHR is funding the 10-month study through a $100,000 grant. A final report will be submitted to MSFHR and the BC Ministry of Health in fall 2015.