Workshop builds KT skills for researchers and clinicians

10 April 2015

MSFHR recently partnered with Providence Health Care to bring the popular Scientist Knowledge Translation Training (SKTT™) workshop back to Vancouver.

The two-day workshop brought together 28 participants, split evenly between researchers and clinicians, to develop the skills and networks required to effectively engage in KT activities. Participants were introduced to the evidence underlying KT strategies and learned how to develop plans for communicating research findings to multiple non-academic audiences.

Recognizing significant interest from health care practitioners, SKTT trainers Melanie Barwick and Donna Lockett adapted the workshop content to increase its relevance to clinicians, as well as researchers.

Unlike previous SKTT workshops, the second day saw participants split into two cohorts based on their primary role. The researcher group received media training, while practitioners studied change implementation. Practitioners were asked to specify in advance issues related to implementing change at the point-of-care that they wished to discuss with the group. Based on these issues, the group brainstormed solutions collaboratively using the knowledge they had gained from the workshop.

“Participants have commented that the training offered both an important overview of KT in the context of health care and concrete tools they will use in developing plans to advance patient care improvements based on solid research evidence,” said Aggie Black, research leader in Providence Health Care’s Professional Practice Office.

According to Black, one clinician with 25 years’ experience described the workshop as one of the best educational sessions she had ever attended.

The SKTT workshop was initially developed to help scientists at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) develop knowledge translation skills, but is equally suited to other practitioners, educators, and decision-makers in community-based organizations and government. To date, SKTT workshops have trained more than 1,500 people.

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