The Victoria Hospitals Foundation (VHF) raises funds for priority medical equipment, research, education and special projects at Royal Jubilee, Victoria General and Gorge Road hospitals.

The generosity of its donors helps the Foundation to contribute to better patient care, faster diagnosis and more efficient treatment for the more than 850,000 residents these hospitals serve. Every year, the Victoria Hospitals Foundation purchases hundreds of important pieces of diagnostic and treatment equipment that make a real difference in every patient’s daily life and quality of care.

The Victoria Hospitals Foundation is the leading health-care charity on Vancouver Island. Together with the community, it has raised more than $150 million for hospitals since 1989. For more information about how giving makes everyone better, visit  

Funding interests

Award types

Health Professional-Investigator

Research interests

  • cognitive health (neuroscience, neurology, dementia, Alzheimer’s, memory)
  • COVID-19
  • mental health
  • substance use
  • cardiac care (heart health, cardiology, cardiac surgery, cardiac risk).

Research location/affiliation: Projects must directly benefit the health and wellness of those living on Vancouver Island and researchers must have some form of affiliation with Island Health.




Laura Cowen

Award type

COVID-19 Research Response Fund

Project title

Managing the Risks of Future BC COVID-19 Outbreaks Using Mathematical and Statistical Modelling