Knowledge translation and public engagement: Using theory to build practice during the COVID-19 crisis

July 23, 2021


Dr. Emily Rempel, Knowledge Translation Lead, BC Centre for Disease Control

In this session, Dr. Emily Rempel will share her experiences working in knowledge translation, public engagement and misinformation for COVID-19 at the BC Centre for Disease Control. She will contrast theories, definitions and practices of knowledge translation and public engagement in public health.

The session will explore how we can take lessons from the COVID-19 infodemic to create a more effective knowledge translation response in times of crisis.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the spectrum of activities involved in knowledge translation in the public health context.
  • Define and contrast knowledge translation and public engagement from a theoretical basis.
  • Examine and evaluate applied examples of knowledge translation and public engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Upcoming webinar

Dr. Terri-Lynn Fox - Director of Wellness programs, Black Tribe Dept of Health, Inc
Cheryl Koehn - President, Arthritis Consumer Experts


July 22, 2022

Walking with the Arthritis community on the path forward towards Truth and Reconciliation

In 2021, Dr. Terri-Lynn Fox and Cheryl Koehn came together as Indigenous Scholar, settler/colonial and persons living with rheumatoid arthritis to walk together on a path forward towards Truth and Reconciliation. Speakers will discuss how an Indigenous-led initiative, the Arthritis Learning Circle, has developed into lead several community-driven research projects. The webinar will also touch on deliberate and meaningful design that upholds reciprocity, accountability, and transparency throughout different phases of research.

After this webinar, participants can:

  • Describe how an Indigenous-led initiative formed on Turtle Island-Canada is leading community-driven action.
  • Discuss approaches to uphold reciprocity, accountability, and transparency at each stage of community-driven action.


Friday, July 22 at Noon to 1 pm (PT)

Post webinar FIRESIDE CHAT – Meet the researchers 

KT Connects invites you to stick around after each webinar for a chance to explore your own goals in KT with our esteemed guest speakers. This post-webinar session is open to anyone who wants to gain insight to better incorporate KT into their research or who may be considering a career in KT. It is also an opportunity to connect with other attendees interested in KT. The fireside chat will happen right after the webinar ends.


Friday, July 22 at 1 to 1:30 pm (PT)