2017 Innovation to Commercialization award recipients

The Innovation to Commercialization (I2C) Program is designed to help researchers advance discoveries or inventions towards commercialization by supporting commercialization activities that strengthen the value of their intellectual property, facilitate collaboration and attract future investment.

MSFHR is pleased to announce 11 award recipients in the first I2C competition, working on products and technologies that range from a liquid skin substitute for wound healing, to a treatment regimen to enhance the effectiveness of cancer radiotherapy, and a solution to better protect donor organs for transplant.

Researcher Project title Research location
Britton, Robert
Novel 18F-fluorinated amino acids as oncological PET radiotracers Simon Fraser University
Du, Caigan
Development of a novel organ preservation solution in transplantation Vancouver Prostate Centre / VCHRI
Ghahary, Aziz
Liquid skin substitute accelerates burn and non-healing wounds ICORD / VCHRI
Granville, David
A novel therapeutic for inflammatory skin diseases ICORD / VCHRI
Krassioukov, Andrei
Servo-controlled device to maintain physiological functioning
Co-funded with International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries (ICORD)
Kwon, Brian
Near infrared spectroscopy for the hemodynamic monitoring of acute spinal cord injury ICORD / VCHRI
Lester, Richard
Smart Text Analytic Tools (STAT) for analysis of patient-centred communications to strengthen health systems in BC VCHRI
MacAulay, Calum
Genomic Organization At Large (GOALS) predicts aggressive biological behaviour in prostate and breast cancers BC Cancer Agency
Minchinton, Andrew
DNA-PK inhibitors for use in combination with radiation therapy BC Cancer Agency
Ong, Christopher
Development of a novel biotherapeutic fusion protein inhibitor for treatment of advanced prostate cancer Vancouver Prostate Centre / VCHRI
Roberge, Michel
Preclinical evaluation of gentamicin B1 as treatment for inherited skin fragility disorders caused by nonsense mutations Life Sciences Institute