2017 Scholar Award recipients

The MSFHR Scholar Program is designed to support early career researchers as they establish independent research careers, form their own research teams and develop research programs that advance cutting-edge health solutions.

MSFHR is pleased to name 20 exceptional BC-based health researchers as 2017 Scholar Award recipients in areas ranging from cardiovascular genetics, to addiction research and type 2 diabetes.

Researcher Project title Research pillar
Brunham, Liam Cardiovascular genetics: Phenotypes, genotypes and cellular mechanisms Clinical
Chen, Frances Development and assessment of strategies to promote social integration into new communities Population health
Fairbairn, Nadia Opioid addiction research program to improve prescribing practices and reduce overdose
Co-funded with St. Paul's Foundation
Health services
Fast, Danya Examining the addiction treatment and recovery trajectories of youth in British Columbia's Lower Mainland Health services
Foster, Glen Breaking the link between obstructive sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease using a translational experimental approach Clinical
Gainforth, Heather Improving the implementation and impact of evidence-based health promotion interventions in real world settings Population health
Harrison, Mark Incentivizing the delivery of sustainable care of chronic diseases in Canada: Case studies in musculoskeletal disease
Co-funded with Providence Health Care Research Institute
Health services
Hayashi, Kanna Innovative addiction research program: Addressing polysubstance use Health services
Knight, Rod Improving substance use treatment trajectories for men who have sex with men Population health
Lachowsky, Nathan Addressing HIV/AIDS, sexual health and substance use among gay and other men who have sex with men Population health
Lisonkova, Sarka Improving maternal and perinatal health outcomes in high risk mothers Health services
Little, Jonathan Optimizing lifestyle approaches for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes Clinical
Mizumoto, Kota Genetic dissection of neuronal pattern formation
Co-funded with Parkinson Society British Columbia
Morin, Ryan Studying genetic mechanisms of treatment resistance in non-Hodgkin Lymphomas Biomedical
Rideout, Elizabeth Identifying the molecular mechanisms underlying sex differences in fat storage using Drosophila as a model Biomedical
Ryan, Katherine Gene clusters and natural products from the human microbiota Biomedical
Ti, Lianping Responding to the dual epidemics of Hepatitis C and addiction in British Columbia Health services
Todd, Rebecca The role of the norepinephrine system in emotionally-biased attention and learning Biomedical
Vilarino-Guell, Carles Genetic etiology of progressive multiple sclerosis Biomedical
Vila-Rodriguez, Fidel Precise prescription of rTMS for treatment resistant depression Clinical