2017 Trainee Award recipients

The MSFHR Research Trainee Program supports health researchers in the training phase of their research career to enable career development and the long-term sucess of the BC health research landscape.

MSFHR is pleased to name 32 exceptional BC health researchers as 2017 Research Trainee Award recipients in areas ranging from Parkinson's disease and cancer genetics to type 2 diabetes and aboriginal health.

Researcher Project title Research pillar
Abbina, Srinivas Design and discovery of novel organ specific iron chelating system for the treatment of transfusional iron overload Biomedical
Allaire, Joannie IL-37 signaling via SIGIRR: A novel mechanism to suppress intestinal epithelial cell driven inflammation and dysbiosis Biomedical
Ashmus, Roger Development of improved substrates for live cell imaging to aid in discovering new glucocerebrosidase therapeutic agents
Co-funded with Parkinson Society British Columbia
Bean, Corliss Exploring women's experiences in a prediabetes community-based exercise intervention Clinical
Bettio, Luis Evaluation of the role of FRMP on BDNF expression and signaling Biomedical
Cooke, Heather No time for nice? Exploring the nature and influence of workplace incivility and bullying in long-term residential care Health services
Darvishian, Maryam The real-world effectiveness of hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment on decompensated cirrhosis and hospitalizations Population health
Dolgosheina, Elena Orthogonal multicolour high-affinity tags for RNA imaging and manipulation Biomedical
Drogemoller, Britt Unraveling the genetics of severe reactions to chemotherapy: Moving towards maximum benefit with minimal harm Biomedical
El-Naggar, Amal Targeting stress granules: A novel strategy to inhibit Ewing sarcoma metastasis Biomedical
Gerlach, Alison Rethinking early intervention therapy with Indigenous communities and families in northern British Columbia Health services
Grondin, Julie Molecular mechanisms of complex carbohydrate uptake by human gut microbiota Biomedical
Gros, Christina Development of a flow cytometry assay for accurate and selective measurement of lysosomal GBA1 activity in PBMC
Co-funded with Parkinson Society British Columbia
Hudec, Kristen Role of executive functions in parenting behaviours and children's social functioning in families of children with ADHD Clinical
Ivanova, Elena Translating an exercise program for adults at high risk for type 2 diabetes to the community Clinical
Jehu, Deborah The effects of balance training with or without cognitive training in older adults with MCI and impaired mobility
Co-funded with Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute
Ju, Myeong Jin In vivo multi-resolution functional optical imaging for investigation of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) process Biomedical
King, Dustin Elucidating the effect of O-GlcNAc modification on protein stability
Co-funded with Pacific Alzheimer Research Foundation
Leung, Alex The role of PCSK9 in the clearance of bacterial lipids and the development of anti-PCSK9 treatment for sepsis Biomedical
McPherson, Andrew Evolutionary determinants of treatment resistant high grade serous ovarian cancer investigated at single cell resolution Biomedical
Munuganti, Ravi Sashi Nayana Targeting neural transcription factor BRN2 in neuroendocrine tumours Biomedical
Puurveen, Gloria Shared decision-making at the end of life: Including the voices of people with dementia Health services
Rajan Babu, Indhu Shree Improving whole-genome sequencing as a clinical test for intellectual disability Clinical
Robert, Jérôme Tissue engineered human cerebral blood vessels: A platform for lipoprotein studies on cerebrovasculature health
Co-funded with the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging
Salway, Travis Can specialized sexual health clinics address unmet mental health needs of sexual minorities? Population health
Sasaki, Shugo Protecting insulin-producing beta cell transplants from death and dysfunction
Co-funded with BC Children's Hospital Research Institute
Sbihi, Hind Early-life environmental exposures and development of childhood asthma
Co-funded with AllerGen
Population health
Singh, Amrit Development and validation of blood-based biomarkers for improved heart failure management Clinical
van Draanen Earwaker, Jenna The role of material security in improving health for people who use illicit drugs Population health
Walter, Matthias Impact of treatment for neurogenic bladder dysfunction on autonomic dysreflexia and cerebral blood flow in SCI individuals
Co-funded with the Rick Hansen Foundation
Williams, Alexandra The acute impact of spinal cord injury on cardiac function, a novel hemodynamic management in SCI patients
Co-funded with the Rick Hansen Institute and iCORD
Zeglinski, Matthew The maladaptive effects of wood smoke on abdominal aortic aneurysms Biomedical

Content updated October 05, 2017