2018 Reach award recipients

The MSFHR Reach Program provides funding for teams of researchers and research users to support the dissemination and effective uptake of research evidence.

Introduced in 2017, Reach awards provide funding of up to $10,000 for teams of health researchers and research users as they plan and implement research dissemination activities to enable the transfer, exchange and/or uptake of research evidence in audiences who can directly use the information.

The 18 successful teams are organized by host institution below. Organizational abbreviations can be found at the bottom of this page.

Project title Co-leads Project trainees
Host institution: Island Health
Digital storytelling: Bringing evidence-based treatment for C. difficile infection closer to home
  • Christine Lee (VIHA)
  • Katharine McKeen (Victoria Division of Family Practice)
  • Jocelyn Chai (UBC)
Host institution: Simon Fraser University
#LifeAndLoveWithHIV: A social media initiative to support the sexual health needs of women living with HIV
Co-funded in partnership with the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
  • Allison Carter (SFU)
Game on: Disseminating research for improving hospital dementia care
  • Lillian Hung (SFU)
Host institution: University of British Columbia
A documentary communicating the major risk factors and evidence-based risk management strategies to prevent overdose in housing facilities
  • Mohammadali Nikoo (UBC)
  • Joey Lim (UBC)
ACCEss-SCI: Adapting community centres to enhance exercise in spinal cord injury
  • Tania Lam (UBC)
  • Ross MacDonald (City of Surrey)
  • Jaine Priest (City of Vancouver)
  • Alison Williams (UBC)
  • Sharon Jang (UBC)
Biologically informed ovarian cancer prevention: Promoting education and awareness
  • Shaina Lee (UBC)
Co-creation of a resource toolkit for Indigenous community health representatives
  • Shannon Bredin (UBC)
  • Rosalin Miles (Indigenous Physical Activity & Cultural Circle)
  • Erin Shellington (UBC)
Knowledge translation for a new understanding of sexual pain in endometriosis
  • Paul Yong (UBC)
  • Jessica Sutherland (BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre)
  • Natasha Orr (UBC)
Promoting positive sexual health and protective factors for East Asian LGBTQ youth in BC
Co-funded in partnership with the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
  • Andrea Polonijo (SARAVYC)
Host institution: University of British Columbia Okanagan
Engaging champions in the process of embedding a type 2 diabetes prevention lifestyle program into a community setting: A collaborative approach
  • Mary Jung (UBCO)
  • Karlene Sewell (YMCA Okanagan)
Host institution: University of British Columbia / Provincial Health Services Authority
Knowledge dissemination efforts of peer engagement research: Reframing the language of the opioid crisis
  • Lindsay Shaw (UVic)
Host institution: University of the Fraser Valley
More than words? Patient insights on the impact of medical apology
  • Dempsey Wilford (UVic)
  • Julie Morden (UFV)
Host institution: University of Northern British Columbia
Developing and disseminating an interactive menstruation (info)graphic (I'M IN)
  • Caroline Sanders (UNBC)
  • Joanne Hall (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia – Living with CAH  
    Support Group, UK)
  • Erika Belanger (UNBC)
Host institution: University of Victoria
Develop a web-based childhood healthy weights early intervention program
  • Sam Liu (UVic)
  • Karen Strange (Childhood Obesity Foundation)
  • TBC
Knowledge mobilization for reducing stigma and creating culturally safe primary care
  • Bernadette Pauly (UVic)
  • Bill Bullock (Victoria Division of Family Practice)
  • Karen Urbanoski (CISUR / UVic)
  • TBC
Positive Living, Positive Homes: The online HIV housing toolkit
Co-funded in partnership with the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
  • Joanna Tulloch (UVic)
Host institution: Vancouver Coastal Health
Vancouver community health research through an Indigenous lens: A collaborative learning workshop using two-eyed seeing
  • Leslie Bonshor (VCH)
  • David Hall (VCH)
  • Michael Norbury (VCH)
  • Andrew Day (VCH)
  • Laurel Jebamani (VCH)
  • Krisztina Vasarhelyi (VCH)
  • Brittany Bingham (SFU)
  • Teila Gabriel (UBC)
  • Andreas Pilarinos (UBC)
Host institution: Vancouver Island University
Developing a curriculum that promotes self-compassion among healthcare providers
  • Alexa Garrey (VIU)

Canadian Institute on Substance Use Research (CISUR); Island Health (VIHA); Simon Fraser University (SFU); Stigma and Resilience Among Vulnerable Youth Centre (SARAVYC); University of British Columbia (UBC); University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO); University of the Fraser Valley (UFV); University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC); University of Victoria (UVic); Vancouver Island University (VIU); Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH)