2019 Convening & Collaborating award recipients

MSFHR's Convening & Collaborating (C2) Program is designed to build capacity for the development and use of research evidence in practice, policy and further research by promoting knowledge exchange between health researchers and research users.

Each successful team receives funding support for planning research programs, projects, and activities that will bring researchers and research users together to address the current five BC health system priorities:

  1. Enhance access to effective primary health care
  2. Services for seniors with complex medical conditions
  3. Mental health/substance use care
  4. Services for patients needing surgery
  5. Rural and remote health care services

To find out more about the 18 successful teams, click on any of the researcher co-leads below, or simply keep scrolling down this page. For each project, bracketed numbers indicate which BC health system priorities are being addressed. Organizational abbreviations can be found at the bottom of this page.

ASHE, Maureen HO, Kendall SADARANGANI, Manish
HOWE, Tami SANDERS, Caroline
BARBIC, Skye LAUCK, Sandra SAUVE, Laura
GALEA, Liisa PHINNEY, Alison SOMERS, Julian
HEYKOOP, Cheryl PLAMONDON, Katrina TI, Lianping


A Clinical Academic Partnership to Advance Team-based Practice in Reablement [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-lead
  • LANGFORD, Dolores (Centre for Hip Health and Mobility (CHHM), VCH, VCHRI)




Team members
  • ARIZA-VEGA, (University of Granada, Hospital Universitario Virgen de las Nieves)
  • BELLWOOD, Paule (UBC)
  • BURNS, Jane (VCH)
  • BURTON, Dr. Elissa (Curtin University)
  • CAVES, Darryl (VCH)
  • CLEMSON, Lindy (University of Sydney)
  • FLEIG, Lena (Medical School Berlin)
  • HOPPMANN, Christiane (UBC)
  • MADDEN, Dr. Ken (VGH, UBC)
  • NICOL, Chris (VCH)
  • PRICE, Dr. Morgan (UBC)


Building towards consensus on compensation and conflict in patient-oriented research (POR) [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ]
Researcher co-lead
Research user co-leads
  • BAINS, Marc (UNBC Health Research Institute)
Team members
  • BROWN, Jennifer (Northern Medical Program)
  • BRYAN, Stirling (UBC)
  • FYFE, Trina (UNBC)
  • HOENS, Alison (UBC)
  • KANDOLA, Daman (UNBC)
  • MOLCAK, Haydn (UNBC)
  • MUJOOMDAR, Michelle (Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology)


Building a partnership between emergency services and youth mental health services in BC [ 1 / 3 ]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-lead
  • SCHEUERMEYER, Frank (Providence Health Care)
Team members
  • BARBIC, Dr. David (UBC)
  • BEAULIEU, Tara (UBC)
  • LIVERSIDE, Pam  (Foundry)
  • MATHIAS, Dr. Steve (Foundry)


Building partnerships for implementing a decentralized eHealth collaborative gout care model: BRIDGE [ 1 / 5 ]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-lead
Team members
  • BANSBACK, Dr. Nick (UBC)
  • CHOI, Dr. Hyon (Harvard University)
  • ENGLISH, Kelly (Arthritis Research Canada Patient Advisory Board) 
  • FRIESEN, Russell (St. Paul's Hospital)
  • HOWREN, Alyssa (UBC)
  • KYDD, Dr. Alison (UBC)
  • LACAILLE, Dr. Diane (UBC)
  • LI, Dr. Linda (UBC)
  • TSAO, Dr. Nicole (Harvard University)
  • ZED, Dr. Peter (UBC)


Brain Exchange: Engaging Inter-disciplinary Perspectives to Support Women's Brain Health [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 ]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-lead
  • WEIR, Shirley (Menopause Chicks)
Team members


Improving Young Adult Cancer Care in Partnership with Young Adults and Cancer Care Allies in BC [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / Ind Health]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-lead
  • CLELLAND, Catherine (BC Cancer Agency)
Team members
  • CARTWRIGHT, Jennifer (BC SUPPORT Unit)
  • CHALIFOUR, Karine (Young Adult Cancer Canada)
  • MACPHERSON, Nicol (BC Cancer)
  • MCCUNE, Lisa (BC SUPPORT Unit)
  • MCGUIRE, Nicolette (Ministry of Health)
  • O'BRIEN, Tamara 
  • PRICE, Morgan (UBC)
  • SCHROEDER, Danielle (Callanish Society)
  • STONEBRIDGE, Genevieve (InspireHealth)



Virtual Innovative health Strategies through Interdisciplinary Co-Operative Network (VISION) [ 1 / 2 / 5 ]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-leads
  • NOSEWORTHY, Thomas (BC Academic Health Sciences Network)
Team members
  • ABU-LABAN, Dr. Riyad  (UBC)
  • CARENINI, Dr. Giuseppe (UBC)
  • CHENG, Tina (UBC)
  • DAWES, Dr. Martin (UBC)
  • FIELD, Dr. Thalia (UBC)
  • GRAFSTEIN, Dr. Eric (UBC)
  • HAWKINS, Dr. Nat (UBC)
  • HESLEGRAVE, Dr. Ronald (William Osler Health System)
  • HO, Dr. Anita (UBC)
  • KAURA, Dr. Deepak (Joule Board of Directors, 1Qbit)
  • KINGSFORD, Dr. Douglas (Interior Health)
  • LAI, Michael (UBC)
  • LESTER, Dr. Richard (UBC)
  • LY, Sophia (UBC)
  • MANGALJI, Azzra (UBC)
  • MCGAVIN, Colleen (BC SUPPORT Unit)
  • MITTON, Dr. Craig (UBC)
  • NASIOPOULOS, Dr. Panos (UBC)
  • NG, Dr. Raymond  (UBC)
  • NG, Ruby (Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation)
  • NOSEWORTHY, Dr. Tom (BC Academic Health Sciences Network)
  • RICHMOND, Ellison (UBC)
  • SING, Dr. Chad A. Kim (UBC)
  • SIN, Dr. Don (UBC)
  • VIRANI, Dr. Sean (UBC)
  • WONG, Dr. Hubert (UBC)


Collaborating to narrow the evidence-to-practice gap in communication care for people with dementia [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 ]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-lead
  • DAVIES, Katharine (Providence Health Care, UBC Vancouver)
Team members
  • CHEN, Tara (Providence Health Care)
  • PILLAY, Indershini (Providence Health Care)
  • SMALL, Dr. Jeff (UBC)


Promoting shared decision-making for the treatment of heart valve disease in Canada [ 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 ]
Researcher co-lead
  • LAUCK, Sandra (UBC)
Research user co-leads
  • FORMAN, Jacqueline (St. Paul's Hospital, UBC)
Team members
  • ACHTEM, Dr. Leslie (St. Paul’s Hospital)
  • ASGAR, Dr. Anita (Montreal Heart Institute)
  • BAUMBUSCH, Dr. Jennifer (UBC
  • CARROLL, Sandra (McMaster University)
  • COOK, Dr. Richard (Vancouver General Hospital)
  • LEWIS, Krystina (University of Ottawa)
  • SMITH, Amanda (McMaster University) 
  • TYLER, Michelle (UBC)



Collaborative development of an inclusive research agenda for evaluating correctional health services [ 1 / 3 / 5 ]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-lead
  • SHARIFI, Nader (BC Mental Health & Substance Use)
Team members
  • BUTLER, Amanda (SFU)
  • EIBOFF, Faith (UBC)
  • FARRELL, Christian (UBC)
  • GOOSSENS, Ilvy (SFU)
  • LAVERGNE, Dr. Ruth (SFU)
  • OLLEY, Maureen (Mental Health Services, Corrections Branch)
  • PETERSON, Karen (UBC)
  • ROSS, Deborah (BC Mental Health & Substance Use)


Dementia-Friendly Communities: Development of a Research Agenda [ 1 / 2 ]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-leads
  • HUNG, Lillian (SFU, UBC - Vancouver, VCH) 
Team members
  • CHAUDHURY, Dr. Habib (SFU)
  • COWIE, Heather (Alzheimer Society of B.C)
  • GREGORIO, Mario (Alzheimer Society of Canada)
  • HOME, Neil
  • HOPKINS, Shannon (VCH)
  • MANN, Jim (Alzheimer Society of Canada)
  • WALLSWORTH, Christine 
  • WONG, Joyce (VCH)


Developing an Evidence-, Equity-, and Community-Informed Agenda for Rural Health Research in BC [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / Ind Health]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-lead
  • TAYLOR, Dr. Deanne (Interior Health Authority)
Team members
  • ANDERSON, Brad (Aboriginal Health)
  • BUCKLEY, Dr. Barbara (TRU)
  • CURRAN, Dr. Jason (Rural Coordination Centre of BC)
  • KENT, Alex (Simon Fraser University)
  • KORNELSEN, Dr. Jude (UBC)
  • MILLER, Dr. Jen (Health Systems)
  • PEAKE, Kim (Interior Health Research Department)
  • RUNNER, Sage (Interior Health Research Department)


Development of a comprehensive vaccine research agenda for BC through multi-faceted collaboration [ 1 / 2 / 5 / Ind Health ]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-lead
  • MCALPINE, ALASTAIR (BC Children's Hospital & Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children)
Team members
  • Dr. Al-Ghaithi
  • BLYDT-HANSEN, Dr. Tom (BC Children's Hospsital)
  • HENRY, Dr. Bonnie (Provincial Health)
  • HILDEBRAND, Dr. Kyla (BC Children's Hospsital)
  • LAWRENCE, Dr. Sally (BC Children's Hospsital)
  • NAUS, Dr. Monika (BC Centre for Disease Control) 
  • TUCKER, Dr. Lori (BC Children's Hospsital)


SEED: Sharing to change Early childhood Experiences by Developing, caring, compassionate leadership [ 1 / 5 ]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-lead
  • IRVING, Lauren (Northern Health Authority) 
Team members
  • ALLISON, Sandra (Northern Health)
  • BEGG, Jennifer (Northern Health)
  • BONE, Chris (City of Prince George)
  • BURKEY, Matthew (Cariboo Chilcotin Child Development Centre)
  • CABAGE, Stacy (HOY Medical Clinic, Foundry Youth Centre)
  • CHERNENKOFF, Kim (The Native Friendship Centre)
  • DENNIS, Darcy (Ministry of Children and Families)
  • ELLIS, Jenessa (Carney Hill Neighbourhood Centre Society, Hadih House)
  • KOOPMANS, Erica (UNBC)
  • KUBERT, Christy (Child Development Centre of Prince George and District)
  • MAURICE, Andrea (School District 57)
  • PROVENCHER, Lisa (School District 57) 
  • VIRAY, Rhoda (Northern Health)


‘Exploring Being Well Together’: Maternal & Infant Health Equity in the Context of HIV [ 1 / 3 / Ind Health ]
Researcher co-leads
  • SAUVE, Laura (UBC)
  • GERLACH, Dr. Alison (University of Victoria) 
Research user co-lead
  • CARWANA, Matthew (BC Children's Hospital - HIV Care for Women & Families, UBC Department of Pediatrics)
Team members
  • ALIMENTI, Dr. Ariane 
  • ELLIOTT, Diana (Aboriginal Infant Development Program)
  • LESUEUR, Rochelle (C&W Indigenous Health Programme)
  • MORGAN, Jenny (C&W Indigenous Health Programme)
  • PRICE, Elder Roberta (VCH, UBC)
  • SOTINDJO, Dr. Tatiana 
  • STEIN, Nicci (Teresa Group, Aids Service Organization in Toronto)
  • TALLIO, Amanda (YouthCo)



Building a provincial public health agenda for addressing geographic contributors to overdose [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / Ind Health]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-lead
  • MCLEOD, Gillian (City of Delta)
Team members
  • BHARMAL, Dr. Aamir (Fraser Health Authority)
  • CRABTREE, Dr. Alexis (UBC)
  • HAWKINS, Jennifer (Fraser Health Authority)
  • KANCIR, Dr. Jesse (UBC)
  • KNISELEY, Marinel (Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcomes Sciences)
  • SALMON, Amy (Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcomes Sciences)
  • SCHWANDT, Dr. Michael (British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, University of British Columbia)


Building on Strengths in Supported Housing and the Treatment of Mental Illness in BC [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / Ind Health]
Researcher co-lead
  • SOMERS, Julian (SFU)
Research user co-lead
  • BURNHAM, Darrell (Coast Mental Health)
Team members
  • AREND, Elenore (Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General)
  • FLANAGAN, Dominic (BC Housing)
  • MACINTYRE, David (BC Non-Profit Housing Association)
  • REZENSAOFF, Stefanie (SFU) 
  • ROSS, Colin (City of Vancouver, BC Justice Summit)
  • WALSH, Taryn (Ministry of Mental Health & Addiction)


Surveillance concerns and opportunities: using technology devices for overdose detection [ 1 / 3 / Ind Health]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-lead
  • SATTI, Sampath (Brave Cooperative)
Team members
  • BLOMSKOG, Shawna (Brave Technology Cooperate)
  • VAN DRAANEN, Jenna (British Columbia Centre on Substance Use)
  • KNIGHT, Rod (British Columbia Centre on Substance Use)
  • MORGAN, Jeffrey (British Columbia Centre on Substance Use)
  • KRIEG, Oona (Brave Technology Cooperate)
First Nations Health Authority (FNHA); Royal Roads University (RRU); Simon Fraser University (SFU); Thompson Rivers University (TRU); University of British Columbia (UBC); University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO); University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC); University of Victoria (UVic), Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI).