Research Leaders Forum

The Research Leaders Forum ('the Forum') is a group of distinguished health researchers convened to advise the MSFHR Board of Directors and senior management on the trends, challenges and opportunities shaping health research at a provincial, national and international level to help ensure MSFHR is well-equipped to support the advancement of world-class health research in BC.

Forum members, nominated by their peers and selected by the MSFHR Board on the basis of their ability to provide strategic insight and expert advice, are internationally recognized researchers with expertise in industry, academia and both health and health research policy.

Together, the Forum will identify and advise on major health and research trends, and explore urgent and emerging research and scientific foci with relevance to the Foundation's mandate and activities, to guide MSFHR's strategic direction and strengthen BC's research ecosystem. The role of the Forum is advisory and not directive or decision-making in nature.

More information about the scope of the Research Leaders Forum can be found in the Forum's terms of reference.

Research Leaders Forum members