"Increase coherence through coordination and collaboration across BC's health research enterprise"

To effect change and increase efficiency in BC’s complex health research enterprise, attention must be paid to mechanisms that support connectivity and push our collective effort in a coherent direction. By “coherence,” we mean bringing people, knowledge, and resources together to identify and advance health research priorities through partnerships, research opportunities, and other engagement activities.

MSFHR has invested in coherence by supporting research units and networks, establishing an ethics harmonization initiative, and spearheading development of a provincial health research strategy. This strategy, Directions for Health Research in BC, outlines priorities areas within BC’s health research enterprise and actions to increase coherence.

MSFHR also builds coherence by engaging a range of partners from diverse sectors. Together, we achieve common goals, co-create new health research opportunities, and foster a more innovative and effective health research enterprise.


  • Advance health research system priorities
  • Build strategic partnerships that address common goals and increase funds available for health research in BC
  • Remove barriers to doing, using, and reporting on research in BC
  • Support collaborative, multi-sector efforts to advance solutions to complex health problems


  • Projects and platforms
  • Competitive grants
  • Co-creation and/or co-funding


  • An efficient and competitive BC health research enterprise
  • Fewer barriers to research and knowledge translation
  • Accelerated problem-solving for complex health care challenges

Related Activities

The BC SUPPORT Unit is a multi-partner organization created to support, streamline and increase patient-oriented research throughout BC. MSFHR is a major financial contributor and a key collaborative partner.