"Maintain a base of excellent health researchers who advance knowledge and help inform decision-making in BC"

Supporting established and emerging health researchers is at the core of our work. MSFHR-funded researchers are the engines that drive the creation of knowledge and training opportunities in BC and form the base of our province’s health research leadership. They develop new ways to address our complex health and health system problems, and they generate a 10-fold return on provincial investments.

But the way we define “health researcher” is changing. To support our health care system, research needs to be done not just in universities, but also in the community, the clinic, and both the public and private sectors. MSFHR is committed to supporting excellence in health professional and community researchers, maintaining a base of excellent researchers in our academic institutions, and building capacity for generating and using knowledge.


  • Support establishment and retention of outstanding early career researchers and trainees
  • Target resources to grow excellence in gap areas
  • Support BC health professionals to advance careers in the conduct and application of research relevant to care
  • Build capacity for the development and use of research evidence in practice, policy, and further research


  • Competitive awards
  • Training programs


  • High-quality knowledge economy jobs
  • Evidence-informed decision-making by patients, practitioners, and policy-makers
  • A broad base of excellent health researchers in BC
  • A reputation for world-class excellence in health research and care