Dr. Bev Holmes and Patrick Odnokon discuss the importance of provincial health research funders, both individually and as a collective.

Patient partner and research collaborator Colleen McGavin shares her perspectives on how researchers can support patient partners and enable them to share their expertise in a way that adds most value.

MSFHR's KT team on how peer reviewer training in KT is critical to ensuring that the KT components of funding applications are rigorously evaluated.

KT Encounters blog: Christa Hoy of the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility discusses how to expedite knowledge into the real world.

Dr. Bev Holmes discusses co-production, what it means, how to facilitate it, and how to advance both the science and practice.

On May 9, MSFHR and the BC SUPPORT Unit hosted the first ever Health xChange, an evening of PechaKucha and networking. Here are just a few highlights from the speakers' presentations.

KT Encounters blog: UBC graduate student Natasha Kolida speaks about bridging the gap between researchers and those with lived experience.