MSFHR publishes two blogs: Forward Thinking and KT Encounters plus occasional guest blogs.

Forward Thinking, MSFHR's staff blog, examines what it takes to be a responsive and responsible research funder and explores the world in which research funders operate today. 

KT Encounters is a series of guest blog posts which is designed to challenge our thinking and deepen our understanding about knowledge translation (KT), the broad range of activities meant to improve the use of research evidence in practice, policy and further research.

Valerie To, director, Research Competitions discusses the evolution of our grant application processes from the early days of paper to today's system and beyond.

MSFHR's Dr. Julia Langton provides an overview of how we approach research impact assessment at the Foundation, and the tools in our assessment toolbox.

KT Encounters blog: Dr. Sarah Munro explains how shared decision-making between health care providers and patients can support patient centred care. 

MSFHR's Dr. Les Grad provides a window into how we design, develop and evaluate our programs to ensure they achieve their goals and realize their desired impact.

In this installment of our Forward Thinking blog, Bev Holmes talks KT strategy and evaluation, and challenges funders to take a look at their KT activities for maximum impact.

KT Encounters blog: Iva Cheung outlines the importance of plain-language summaries and how they are key to effective knowledge translation.

MSFHR's Gayle Scarrow explores how a funder can contribute to the science of KT.