Cheryl Heykoop

Dr. Cheryl Heykoop

Cheryl Heykoop is an early career researcher and patient partner focused on person centred care. In 2014, at the age of 34, Cheryl was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. Prior to her diagnosis, Cheryl worked with young people in post-disaster and post-conflict contexts to explore how to meaningfully and ethically engage young people in decision making about issues that affect them. Her doctoral work focused on the meaningful engagement of young people in Uganda in post-conflict truth telling and received multiple scholarships and awards.

Now, as an assistant professor at Royal Roads University in the School of Leadership Studies, Cheryl's research focuses on understanding the lived experiences of young adults with cancer and cancer care systems change. Cheryl currently holds a Participatory Action Research Grant with the Vancouver Foundation and a Collaborate and Convene Award with MSFHR. Through her work, Cheryl is committed to engagement with patients and health care allies in creative and innovative ways that contribute to meaningful changes in the lives of patients and health care allies.


University: Royal Roads University
Faculty: Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences
Department: School of Leadership Studies
Position: Assistant Professor