COVID-19 Research Response Fund Award Recipients

The COVID-19 Research Response Funding Call has been developed in the context of the current setting of a large number of rapidly deployed, global and national research funds covering the full array of pandemic research. It focuses on high quality research that evaluates BC’s response to the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and informs ongoing response, especially strategies for avoiding or mitigating subsequent waves of transmission.

Each successful project addresses one or more of the following research focus areas (refer to this graphic for a summary of research areas for all funded applications):

1. Rapid evaluation and/or modelling of public health countermeasures to support the timing of levels of their withdrawn and potential future redeployments in BC.

2. BC population-specific epidemiologic support for decision-makers, including the identification of strategies to prevent high burdens of illness among key/vulnerable groups (e.g. residents of long-term care facilities, inner city populations, Indigenous people, health care workers, etc). 

3. Human geographic considerations in BC, including rurality, community, culture and population movement with a view to prevent transmission and mitigating effects.

4. The identification and mitigation of the impacts of the pandemic and pandemic response, including the secondary effects on the health of the population of BC.

5. The impacts of rapid health service redesign and redeployment on health outcomes in BC. 

(Host institution)
Project Title Team Members Research Location Research Focus Area
Valorie Crooks
A Spatial Approach to Exploring Vulnerability in the Context of COVID-19 in British Columbia Nadine Schuurman Simon Fraser University – Burnaby Campus 3
Sarka Lisonkova
All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality and Acute Morbidity Attributable to COVID-19 and Medical History Associated with Severe COVID-19 Infection in BC Jeffrey Bone
Wee-Shian Chan
K.S. Joseph
Neda Razaz
Children's & Women's Health Centre of British Columbia 4
Manish Sadarangani
COVID-19 in Children and Young Adults in BC – Evaluation of Public Health Measures and Epidemiologic Support for Decision-Makers Daniel Coombs
Soren Gantt
David Goldfarb
Gina Ogilvie
BC Children's Hospital Research Institute 2
Ryan Woods
BC Cancer
The Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Diagnosis and Outcomes in British Columbia (BC) Carl Brown
Kim Chi
Lisa Kan
Dean Regier
BC Cancer Research Centre 4
Christopher Carlsten
Respiratory Outcomes Following COVID-19 Infection in British Columbia: A Prospective Patient Registry Christopher Ryerson
James Johnston
Aditi Shah
Alyson Wong
Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute; Providence Health Care; Vancouver Coastal Health; Centre for Heart Lung Innovation 4
Juan Avina-Zubieta
Risk and Outcomes of COVID-19 Patients Exposed to Immunosuppressive and Immunomodulatory Agents in British Columbia. A Population-Based Study Jacek Kopec
Diane Lacaille 
Jonathan Loree
Hui Xie 
Arthritis Research Canada (ARC) 2
Yuk Joseph Ting
Study of Early Health Outcomes in Neonates Exposed to COVID-19 in British Columbia (SHiNE-BC) Sarka Lisonkova
Elodie Portales-Casamar
Ashley Roberts
Connie Yang
Children's & Women's Health Centre of British Columbia 4
Farinaz Havaei
Evaluation of Rapid Redesign and Resource Deployment in Long-Term Care during COVID-19 David Keselman
Maura MacPhee
Alison Phinney
Alexandre Bouchard-Côté
Real Time Phylodynamic Monitoring of COVID-19 Liangliang Wang
Shijia Wang
UBC  1
Naveed Janjua
Measuring the Impact of Physical Distancing Measures and Creating Paths for Monitoring during the Relaxation Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic Daniel Coombs
Mike Irvine
Michael Otterstatter
David Roth
BC Centre for Disease Control 1
Muhammad Morshed
Accelerating SARS-CoV-2 SEroprevalence SurveyS through Dried Blood Spots (ASSESS-DBS) Christian Schutz
Inna Sekirov
Paul Levett
Patricia Spittal
UBC Centre for Disease Control 2
Brittany Bingham
Informing the COVID-19 Response for Vancouver’s Urban Indigenous Population Using Community-Driven Methods and Big Data Analytics Leslie Bonshor
Shannon Field
Krisztina Vasarhelyi
Ronald Joe
Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) 2
Mari DeMarco
Quantitative Isotype Profiling and Dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 Infections: Next-Generation Serology Agatha Jassem
Don Sin
Victor Leung
Ging-Yuek (Robin) Hsiung
Centre for Heart Lung Innovation 2
Julian Somers
“Blind Spots”: People in Prison and Precarious Housing During COVID-19 Stefanie Rezansoff
Angela Russolillo
Akm Moniruzzaman
Brittany Bingham
Simon Fraser University – Burnaby Campus 2
Agatha Jassem
Population-Based Study of Coronavirus Antibody Cross-Reactivity to Inform SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence Surveys, Severity Profiles, and Vaccine Strategies Soren Gantt
Danuta Skowronski
Inna Sekirov
William Hsiao
BC Centre for Disease Control 1
Patricia Spittal
The Cedar Project: Preparing for Culturally-Safe, Trauma Informed COVID-19 Response Among Urban Indigenous People Who Use Drugs in BC Danièle Behn Smith
Kukpi7 Wayne Christian
Martin T. Schechter
David Patrick
University of British Columbia 2
Laura Cowen
Managing the Risks of Future BC COVID-19 Outbreaks Using Mathematical and Statistical Modelling 

In partnership with Victoria Hospitals Foundation
Junling Ma
Pauline van den Driessche
Ken Moselle
University of Victoria 1
Shira Goldenberg
Preventing and Mitigating the Impacts of COVID-19 Among Im/migrants in British Columbia: Rapid Mixed-Methods Data to Inform Policy and Programmes Mei-ling Wiedmeyer
Ruth Lavergne
Kate Shannon
Susitha Wanigaratne
Centre for Gender & Sexual Health Equity 2
Caroline Colijn
Real-time Combined Genomic and Epidemiological Monitoring of COVID-19 in British Columbia Caroline Colijn
Richard Harrigan
Linda Hoang
Natalie Prystajecky
Simon Fraser University – Burnaby Campus 1
Bala Nikku
Mapping Social Epidemiology of British Columbia: COVID-19 Pandemic and Psycho Social and Occupational Well-Being of Frontline Health-care Workers in BC Mohamed Tawhid
Mohamed Ibrahim
Graham AA Dodd
Rhonda Eden 
Thompson Rivers University 2