Faraz Hach

Dr. Faraz Hach is an assistant professor in the Department of Urologic Sciences at the University of British Columbia and a senior research scientist at Vancouver Prostate Centre. He completed his PhD in Computing Science in Simon Fraser University and was a recipient of the Governor General's Gold Medal. 

Dr. Hach started his own group at Vancouver Prostate Centre in 2016 with the goal to build bridges between computational algorithm design and biological problems pertaining to precision medicine with a special focus on cancer. His main focus is the field of computational genomics and biomolecular sequence analysis especially in the context of cancer research. His research involves designing novel and high performance tools for analyzing large, high dimensional omics data produced by second and third generation sequencing technologies. His most recent work involves developing computational tools for the detection of aberrations using sequencing data obtained from tissue and liquid biopsies in order to understand clonal evolution in cancer genomes.