MSFHR match funding support for 2017 CIHR PIHCI programmatic grants

MSFHR is pleased to offer matching funds to support the highest ranked BC applications that secure programmatic grants via the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovation (PIHCI).

These four year grants will support cross-jurisdictional teams working to integrate patient-oriented research into policy and practice to address primary and integrated care priorities.

Each team must include at least four jurisdictions, each contributing to collectively match CIHR’s $1 million grant. To support BC’s leadership in this area, MSFHR will provide matching funds of up to $300,000 (maximum $150,000 per team) to support research led from the province.

For further information on the SPOR PIHCI network programmatic grants, please visit the BC Primary Health Care Research Network (BC-PHCRN) and CIHR websites.

Matched funding

MSFHR will provide matching funds of up to $300,000 for this competition (maximum $150,000 per team), enough to fund approximately two teams over the four year term. MSFHR funds will be awarded until depleted in rank order to eligible applications that are successfully funded in the CIHR competition.

Teams are encouraged to find additional sources of match funding, including in-kind contributions (to a maximum of 50 percent). This may enable MSFHR to fund additional successful applications, pending confirmation of available funding.



To be eligible for MSFHR match funding, applying teams must:

  • Include a Nominated Principal Applicant (NPA) or Co-Principal Applicant (PA) located in BC and affiliated with a host institution that holds a memorandum of understanding with MSFHR.
  • Demonstrate in a budget how both MSFHR funds and the corresponding CIHR funds will be used in BC.
  • Meet the eligibility requirements of the BC-PHCRN, including alignment with the network’s research priority areas.


Application timeline

Aug 2: CIHR application support webinar

Sept 6: PIHCI network letter of intent (LOI) due

  • Please note, this is separate from the CIHR LOI. The PIHCI network LOI is an online form that captures information on all of the jurisdictions involved in the CIHR application.
  • The PIHCI networks suggest submitting your online form by August 11 to make the relevant PIHCI networks aware of the project. The PIHCI networks will then assist in connecting researchers, patient partners and knowledge users to build cross-jurisdictional teams. The form does not need to be completed fully by August 11. The final deadline is Sept 6. View collaboration opportunities.

Sept 26: CIHR LOI due 

Nov 3: Deadline to request matching funds from MSFHR

  • Requests for MSFHR matching support should be submitted by email to the BC-PHCRN (attn.: Dawn Mooney at
  • The BC-PHCRN will confirm receipt of eligible applications within 10 business days. See the application requirements section below for further details.

Nov 10: Applications eligible to receive MSFHR matching funds receive a letter of support

Nov 28: Full CIHR programmatic grant application due

Dec 5: Copy of the full CIHR submission to be shared with BC-PHCRN and MSFHR


Application requirements

Applications for MSFHR matching funds should be received by BC-PHCRN by September 26. Requests for MSFHR match funding will be assessed per the eligibility requirements noted above. The application should include:

  • Project title.
  • Name and coordinates of the BC NPA or PA.
  • The amount of match funds requested from MSFHR.
  • A draft budget that clearly identifies the funds requested from MSFHR and demonstrates how these funds, as well as the funds received from CIHR, will be used in BC.
  • Applications receiving MSFHR funds will be subject to the 'Use of Grant Funds' section of the Tri-Agency (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) Financial Administration Guide. For more information on allowable costs for this funding opportunity, refer to CIHR’s website.
  • An overview of funding and/or in-kind support sought or confirmed to date from other sources.
  • A copy of the LOI submission to CIHR.
  • A CIHR partnership form with the candidate and partner contributions sections completed.



Dawn Mooney