2018 Convening & Collaborating award recipients

MSFHR's Convening & Collaborating (C2) Program is designed to build capacity for the development and use of research evidence in practice, policy and further research by promoting knowledge exchange between health researchers and research users.

Each successful team receives funding support for planning research programs, projects, and activities that will bring researchers and research users together to address the current five BC health system priorities:

  1. Enhance access to effective primary health care
  2. Services for seniors with complex medical conditions
  3. Mental health/substance use care
  4. Services for patients needing surgery
  5. Rural and remote health care services

To find out more about the 16 successful teams, click on any of the researcher co-leads below, or simply keep scrolling down this page. For each project, bracketed numbers indicate which BC health system priorities are being addressed. Organizational abbreviations can be found at the bottom of this page.

CONKLIN, Annalijn LITTLE, Jonathan O'MAHONY, Joyce SONG, Xiaowei
CRAIG, Kenneth MCGRAIL, Kimberlyn PELLETIER, Chelsea TURNER, Brianna
HARTNEY, Elizabeth MILLER, William SALMON, Amy WARD, Amanda


Building a new partnership between First Nations Health Authority and the University of British Columbia for community-based research to improve Indigenous women's heart health [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 ]
Researcher co-leads
  • CONKLIN, Annalijn (UBC)
  • HUMPHRIES, Karin (BC Centre for Improved Cardiovascular Health)
Research user co-lead
  • READING, Jeffrey (FNHA)
Team members
  • KENT, Alexandra (SFU)
  • STELKIA, Krista (SFU)


EQUIP for Pain: Enhancing the capacity of primary health care providers in BC in the provision of equitable health services for people living in pain in marginalized conditions in BC [ 1 / 3 / 5 ]
Researcher co-leads Research user co-leads
  • HUDSPITH, Maria (Pain BC)
  • KAHNAMOUI, Niknaz (Pain BC)
Team members
  • JORDAN, Sharalyn (SFU)


Engagement with physicians to enhance cultural safety in primary care for people who use substances [ 1 / 2 / 3  / 4 / 5 ]
Researcher co-leads Research user co-lead
  • HARRISON, Alisa (Victoria Division of Family Practice)
Team members
  • CUNNINGHAM, William (Island Health)
  • MEADOWS, Bryn (RRU)
  • TRYTTEN, Cindy (Island Health)


Autism and Aboriginal families: Bridging the cultural gap through collaborative dialogue [ 3 / 5 ]
Researcher co-lead
  • IAROCCI, Grace (SFU)
Research user co-lead
  • BAXTER, Romona (Nzen’man’ Child and Family Development Centre Society)
Team members
  • GARDINER, Emily (UBC)
  • PUGH, Deborah (Autism Community Training)
  • STERLING-COLLINS, Rona (Rona Sterling Consulting)


Physician-led low-carbohydrate therapeutic nutrition for type 2 diabetes: Building on a grass-roots movement in BC and beyond [ 1 / 2 / 5 ]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-lead
  • MCKELVEY, Sean (Institute for Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition)
Team members
  • BRADSHAW, Barbra Allen (Low-Carbohydrate Physician Group)
  • DURRER, Cody (UBC)
  • JUNG, Mary (UBCO)
  • KHAN, Karim (UBC)
  • KLER, J (Low-Carbohydrate Physician Group)
  • KOZORIZ, K (Low-Carbohydrate Physician Group)
  • LOFFELMAN, Carol (University of Toronto)
  • MARK, Sean (Approach Analytics)
  • REECE, Barb (Institute for Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition)
  • ROBERTS, Deanne (Low-Carbohydrate Physician Group)
  • SASLOW, Laura (University of Michigan)
  • WINDT, Adriaan (UBC)


The system awakens: Building learning healthcare systems in Canada
Centre for Health Services and Policy Research 30th anniversary health policy conference [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ]
Researcher co-leads Research user co-lead
  • PELLETIER, Marc (Institute for Health System Transformation & Sustainability)
Team members
  • EL-ADAM, Shiraz (UBC)


InNovATE: Innovation in the Northwest to Advance Assistive Technology Excellence [ 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 ]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-leads
  • DENISON, Ian (Vancouver Coastal Health)
  • NG, Ruby (Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation)
Team members
  • HARNISS, Mark (University of Washington)
  • ROBINSON, Richard (AbleTech Assistive Technologies)
  • SMITH, Emma (UBC)


Contraception & abortion in BC: Experience guiding research guiding care [ 1 / 4 / 5 ]
Researcher co-lead Research user co-lead
  • DAVIS, Cheryl (BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre)
Team members
  • BURKE, Julianne (UBC)
  • BUSBY, Julianne (UBC)
  • DELANY, Brigid (UBC)
  • DEVANE, Courtney (UBC)
  • GILL, Roopan (UBC)
  • LEDUC-ROBERT, Genevieve (UBC)
  • MUNRO, Sarah (UBC)
  • REBIC, Nevena (UBC)


Supporting emotional well-being and access to health care of Syrian mothers: A collaboration amongst community stakeholders, researchers and research users [ 1 / 3 / 5 ]
Researcher co-leads
  • O'MAHONY, Joyce (TRU)
  • CLARK, Nancy (UVic)
Research user co-leads
  • KASSAM, Shahin (UVic)
  • TAN, Khim (Options Community Service)
Team members
  • BAUER, Jessie (TRU)


Move the North: Development of a research agenda and action plan for physical activity in Northern BC [ 5 ]
Researcher co-lead
  • PELLETIER, Chelsea (UNBC)
Research user co-lead
  • ALLISON, Sandra (Northern Health)
Team members
  • DOSANJH-GANTNER, Sabrina (Northern Health)
  • FOX, Gloria (Northern Health)
  • KEAHEY, Robin (UNBC)
  • POUSETTE, Anne (Promotion of Wellness in Northern BC)
  • RASALI, Drona (BC Centre for Disease Control)


Families and substance use treatment: Creating a learning alliance [ 3 ]
Researcher co-leads Research user co-leads
  • LIM, Otto (Otto Lim Counselling)
  • ST. PIERRE, Cari (From Grief to Action)
Team members
  • BERGER, Mai (UBC)


Community-based assessment of LGBTQ/2S education and research in British Columbia [ 1 ]
Researcher co-leads
  • SHANNON, Kate (UBC)
  • LYONS, Tara (BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)
Research user co-lead
Team members
  • CHETTIAR, Jill (UBC)
  • GURNEY, Lulu (BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS)


Collaborative development of a dynamic electronic frailty index (eFI) for older adults living with frailty [ 2 ]
Researcher co-lead
  • SONG, Xiaowei (Fraser Health)
Research user co-lead
  • RIZZOTTI, Rowena (Health and Technology District, Lark Group)
Team members


Improving care and reducing stigma for Borderline Personality Disorder: Stakeholder engagement to develop a research plan to evaluate a peer support intervention [ 3 / 5 ]
Researcher co-leads Research user co-leads
  • MCKNIGHT, Deborah (Borderline Personality Disorder Society of BC)
  • MCKNIGHT, Baylie (Borderline Personality Disorder Society of BC)
  • YOUNG, Wendy (Island Health)
Team members
  • CARTWRIGHT, Jenny (BC Support Unit)
  • HALLAM, Elizabeth (Island Health)
  • MEREDITH, Hazel (BC Schizophrenia Society)
  • MISHKIN, Wendy (BC Schizophrenia Society)
  • RICH, Susan (Island Health)
  • WIGFULL, Liz (Island Health)


First Nations perspective on mental health and wellness, culturally safe and trauma-informed harm reduction: Collaborative response to the impact of the opioid crisis on First Nations [ 1 / 3 / 5 ]
Researcher co-leads Research user co-leads
  • CLARMONT, Warren (British Columbia Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres)
  • DEBECK, Kora (BC Centre on Substance Use)
  • DEGROOT, Michelle (FNHA)
Team members
  • JOHNSON, Harmony (FNHA)
  • MARSDEN, Namaste (FNHA)
  • MCDONALD, Shannon (FNHA)
  • MURRAY, Jennifer (FNHA)
  • VICKERS, Patricia (FNHA)



Stakeholder engagement to study and optimize the translation of knowledge by the integration of health coaching and mindfulness into medical care on the Sunshine Coast [ 1 / 2 / 3 ]
Researcher co-lead
  • WOOLLARD, Robert (UBC)
Research user co-lead
  • GUPTA, Rahul (Vancouver Coastal Health)
Team members
  • BISHOP, Jane (Sunshine Coast Division of Family Medicine)
  • JASCHINKSI, Joerg (Child Youth Mental Health and Substance Use)
  • MARKHAM, Ray (Rural Coordination Centre of BC)
  • PEDERSON, Marilyn (Emergency Management BC)
  • STINTON, Andrea (Gibsons Medical Clinic)
First Nations Health Authority (FNHA); Royal Roads University (RRU); Simon Fraser University (SFU); Thompson Rivers University (TRU); University of British Columbia (UBC); University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO); University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC); University of Victoria (UVic).