The MSFHR Health Policy Fellowship Program provides highly qualified candidates at the post-doctoral level with a unique opportunity to contribute their research expertise to the health policy-making process at the provincial government or health authority level.

The program is part of MSFHR's refreshed suite of funding opportunities, designed in response to specific needs identified through conversations with key stakeholders. This program was created to enhance understanding and communication between health researchers and health system decision-makers to promote the uptake of evidence-informed policy and reinforce the importance of policy-relevant research.

The Health Policy Fellowship Program:

  • Provides health policy decision makers with individuals possessing valuable health research experience.
  • Builds relationships between health researchers and decision makers.
  • Provides post-doctoral researchers real-world health policy experience by embedding them within the BC Ministry of Health or a regional health authority.
  • Award term: up to 12 months.

This program is on pause for 2018 as MSFHR is partnering with CIHR’s Institute of Health Services and Policy Research on its 2018 Health System Impact Fellowship program.

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