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Congratulations on receiving an MSFHR award! On this page, you’ll find resources to help you understand the conditions and requirements of your award.

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Please refer to the version of the guidelines, instructions, and/or recipient resources that were valid in the year your award was granted. Policies, procedures, terms, and conditions may not apply in subsequent years.

Current resources are available below. For earlier versions, contact Valerie To.


Setting Up Your Award

Each host institution has a different process for setting up an award – it is best to confirm the process with your host institution.

Scholar Awards are set up through the host institution’s finance department. Trainee Awards are set up through the host institution’s Office of Research Services or Office of Graduate Studies. Award payments are made quarterly by MSFHR to the host institution, and payment schedules for award recipients are determined by the host institution.


Conditions of Award and Eligible Expenses

Compliance with the terms and conditions established by MSFHR is mandatory. Please review the conditions associated with your award type:


Reporting Requirements

Scholar and Trainee award recipients are required to provide regular reports to MSFHR. Our Programs staff will contact you to request your annual progress report.

Scholar Awards

  • Annual progress report on research activities
  • Detailed progress report after year 4; funding for subsequent years is dependent on a positive review of the report
  • Final report and final financial statement within three months of completing a Scholar Award

Trainee Awards

  • First annual report after first year of funding
  • Progress report after second year (only if award is continuing to a third year)
  • Final report following completion of a Trainee Award