2018 Implementation Science Team Review Panel Members

We recruit reviewers who are subject matter experts in areas that directly align with the applications we've received. These reviewers are selected for their research excellence, breadth of knowledge, and maturity of judgment.

The peer review process for the IST development grant will have two stages. In the first stage, implementation science experts from around the world will review all the applications submitted and provide comments and scores. The top applications will proceed onto the second stage of the review. During the second stage, the research user panel will review the applications to assess the relevance and potential impact of the proposed implementation science projects, as well as the quality of the teams assembled.

2018 Implementation Science Team peer review panel

Dr. Rebecca Armstrong Director, Public Health Impact
Melbourne School of Population & Global Health
University of Melbourne
Dr. Annette Boaz Professor
Centre for Health and Social Care Research
Kingston and St. George's
Dr. Jamie Brehault Associate Professor
School of Epidemiology, Public Health and Preventative Medicine
University of Ottawa
Rosmin Esmail Provincial Trauma Epidemiologist
Trauma Services
Alberta Health Services
Dr. Lauren Hodge Advisor, Implementation
Centre for Evidence and Implementation
Dr. Suzanne Kerns Executive Director, Center for Effective Interventions &
Research Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Social Work
University of Denver
Dr. Carl May Professor
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Southampton
Dr. Robyn Mildon Executive Director
Centre for Evidence and Implementation
Dr. Joanna Moullin Lecturer
School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
Curtin University
Dr. Justin Presseau Assistant Professor
School of Epidemiology and Public Health
University of Ottawa
Dr. Shannon Scott Professor
Faculty of Nursing
University of Alberta
Dr. Shannon Sibald Assistant Professor
School of Health Sciences
Western University
Dr. Tom Stelfox Professor
Department of Critical Care Medicine
University of Calgary
Dr. Debbie White Associate Dean (Research)
Faculty of Nursing
University of Calgary

Dean & CEO
University of Calgary in Qatar


2018 Implementation Science Team research user review panel

Lynn Stevenson Former Associate Deputy Minister and Senior Executive, Island Health
Robert Halpenny Former President & CEO, Interior Health
Dianne Doyle Former CEO, Providence Health Care
Christina Krause CEO, BC Patient Safety & Quality Council


Resources for 2018 IST review panel members (PDF)

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