Jane McCall

I have been a nurse for over 35 years. I have a long standing interest in HIV, addictions and urban health issues. I have conducted a number of research projects in collaboration with a number of disciplines including medicine, nursing and nutrition science. My studies have examined a number of topics including HIV and adverse childhood experiences, HIV and depression, HIV and health literacy, cultural safety for people who use drugs in an acute care setting, obesity and overweight for people living with HIV and food insecurity for people living with HIV. In view of the present state of emergency regarding opiate overdoses I am especially interested in ensuring that nurses have the knowledge and skills to appropriately care for people who use drugs so that they are not stigmatized and are comfortable and unafraid to access health care. I am particularly proud of my 20 year effort to ensure that nurses and other health care professionals have the knowledge they need to look after people with HIV. I have provided HIV education to literally thousands of nurses and other health care professionals over the course of my career.