Jonathan Little

Dr. Jonathan Little’s interest in metabolism began as a competitive distance runner as he became fascinated with trying to understand how the body produced energy to fuel exercise. He was first introduced to research as an undergraduate summer student working in the laboratory of Dr. Martin Gibala at McMaster University and was quickly hooked. After pursuing an MSc degree at the University of Saskatchewan focusing on sport nutrition, he returned to McMaster to complete a PhD, focusing on muscle mitochondrial adaptations to exercise in healthy humans and individuals with type 2 diabetes. These experiences gave Little a strong background in human exercise physiology, nutrition and metabolism. During his postdoctoral fellowship at UBC, he explored how metabolic disruptions associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes (e.g. high glucose, hyperlipidemia) impacted inflammatory activation of isolated cells.

Little’s current research combines all of these approaches to understand how the metabolic disruptions that characterize type 2 diabetes affect cellular inflammation. His lab develops and tests how different exercise and nutritional interventions can be used to reduce inflammation and improve overall cardiometabolic health.

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University: University of British Columbia Okanagan
Faculty: Health and Social Development
Department: School of Health and Exercise Sciences
Position: Assistant Professor