Kelly Genga

Dr. Kelly Genga

Dr. Kelly Genga is a medical doctor from Brazil with specialization in Critical Care Medicine. She obtained her Master’s degree in Pathology at her home country and recently completed a PhD in Experimental Medicine from the University of British Columbia (UBC). Over the last four years, she was able to integrate her knowledge in sepsis physiopathology and biostatistics, during which she investigated the relationship between lipid metabolism and sepsis. Her studies have led to a better understanding on the influence of cholesterol-related genetic factors on the prognosis of sepsis. She has published several scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, including original studies, editorials and review articles.

Genga has also co-authored two book chapters in relevant Critical Care medical textbooks with renowned world sepsis experts. Following her PhD, she progressed in her academic career, assuming a post-doctoral position at the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation (HLI). She is a recipient of a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research 2019 Trainee Award. Genga’s work focuses on translational research of sepsis and septic shock. Currently, she is directly involved in a clinical trial exploring a novel therapeutic approach that may contribute to improvements in sepsis survival.

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University: University of British Columbia
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine
Department: Department of Medicine
Position: Post-doctoral fellow