KT Encounters is a blog and video series designed to deepen our understanding of knowledge translation (KT), the broad range of activities meant to improve the use of research evidence in practice, policy and further research.

We've invited KT experts, including researchers, practitioners and patient representatives, to share their KT experiences and expertise to help others who do KT, do it better. 

KT Encounters videos

  • Research users: Dr. Bev Holmes (MSFHR) and Dr. Chris McBride (Spinal Cord Injury BC) discuss how researchers and research users can work together more effectively.
  • Terminology: A panel of expert researchers and research users discuss KT terminology and how to talk about KT in a way that builds bridges between all participants.
  • KT 2.0: A panel of KT experts discuss the future of KT and what might be possible in the field.

KT Encounters blogs