Marine Theret

Dr. Marine Theret

Dr. Marine Theret is a Postdoctoral fellow at the Biomedical Research Center at the University of British Columbia (UBC). After completing a Master in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris, France), she did her PhD at the Cochin Institute (Paris Descartes, France) and at the NeuroMyogene Institute (Lyon, France), where she demonstrated the importance of metabolism in muscle stem cell self-renewal, as well as in the resolution of the inflammation after muscle injury.

Marine’s project at UBC is focused on understating how mesenchymal progenitor and the inflammatory compartment regulate each other at resting state, but also in case of insult such as skeletal muscle damage, or in case of chronic diseases. As In our aging society, degenerative complications of chronic disease are on the rise and account for a significant percentage of deaths, she hopes that the discoveries from this project will lead to more efficient treatments.

For an up-to-date list of publications by Dr. Theret, please see The Rossi Laboratory.


University: University of Victoria
Faculty: Medicine
Department: Medical Genetics
Position: Post-doctoral fellow