Match funding (ongoing)

MSFHR match funding increases the ability of BC researchers to compete nationally and internationally, grow their programs of research, and attract research dollars from outside BC.

We provide match funding to qualifying BC-based researchers and research teams who are applying to non-BC government-funded research competitions that require applicants to source match funding as a condition of the application.

MSFHR will accept requests for match funding at any time. Requests must be received at least five weeks prior to the competition’s application deadline. Please note that funding decisions are subject to availability of MSFHR funds and the applicant’s success in the external grant competition.

MSFHR’s match funding program is amazing. It is incredible to have the ability to apply for this type of a program. Matching funds are extremely important for securing certain types of funds and cash funds supports the success of projects. — Dr. Karla Williams

COVID-19 update: If you are a BC-based researcher applying to national funding opportunities for COVID-19 research, MSFHR will fast-track your match funding request.


To qualify for MSFHR match funding:

  • Applicants must be applying to a non-BC government-funded research competition. The funding opportunity (FO) must have a direct link to human health, and specify in the competition guidelines that securing match funding is a requirement. Furthermore, the FO should include a competitive peer-review process that assesses research quality and impact.
  • The BC-based applicant must hold an appointment at a BC institution that holds a memorandum of understanding with MSFHR.
  • The BC-based applicant must be identified as either the nominated principal applicant and/or a (co-) principal applicant in the project’s application.
  • MSFHR funds, as well as the equivalent funds provided by the granting organization must be used in BC. For example, if a researcher is requesting MSFHR funding of $100,000, then at least $200,000 must be used in BC (minimum $100,000 from the granting organization and the $100,000 from MSFHR).
  • The research activities must work towards a demonstrable health benefit to British Columbians by addressing one or more of the following priority areas:
    • primary and community health care
    • patients with complex medical conditions and/or frail patients (including dementia)
    • mental health and/or substance use
    • rural and remote health-care services
    • surgical care and related services (including perioperative services)
    • indigenous health
    • health system performance and sustainability

Note: This list includes BC’s five health system priorities as well as two additional areas (Indigenous health and health system performance and sustainability) highlighted in MSFHR’s partnership strategy, which governs our match funding program.


Applicants seeking MSFHR match funding can submit their request electronically. (Preview form here before filling it out.) Requests must include the following:

  • Information on the funding competition for which match funding is sought, including the competition name, website link and key competition dates.
  • Name, position, affiliation and contact information of the BC nominated principal applicant or principal applicant requesting match funding.
  • The amount of match funds requested from MSFHR. An overview of funding and/or in-kind support sought or confirmed from other sources.
  • A description of how the research aligns with the health priority areas noted above and the demonstrable health benefit to British Columbians.
  • A description that shows how the funds requested from MSFHR, as well as the corresponding amount of funds requested from the competition funder, will be used in BC.
  • An overview of the overall research project that includes a description of the research to be conducted in BC.

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  • MSFHR will accept requests for match funding at any time throughout the year. Requests must be received at least five weeks prior to the competition’s application deadline.
  • MSFHR will provide decisions within approximately one month of receiving the match funding request. Incomplete submissions may delay this timeline.

Review process

MSFHR does not conduct a separate peer review process for match funding requests. Instead, requests are assessed internally for alignment with the eligibility requirements noted above. The amount of match funding awarded by MSFHR is based on the outcome of this internal assessment and the availability of MSFHR funds.

Match funding from MSFHR is not guaranteed, and, if awarded, the amount offered may not equal the amount requested. The final decision is subject to availability of MSFHR funds and the applicant’s success in the external grant competition.

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  • Partnered awards are also available!