A Mixed Methods Knowledge Synthesis About Nursing Care Delivery and Practice Supports for a Palliative Approach

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This health and nursing services research project was designed to inform a broad range of stakeholders about the integration of a palliative approach in nursing care delivery for people who have life-limiting illnesses and their family members. It specifically addressed the need for approaches to nursing care delivery, including practice support strategies and tools, that would facilitate the integration of a palliative approach for people with life-limiting chronic conditions and their families, including acute medical settings, residential care, and home health and across urban and rural geographic contexts.

The project is part of the MSFHR BCNRI Team grant funded Initiative for a Palliative Approach in Nursing: Evidence and Leadership (www.ipanel.ca), which encompasses several primary research and integrated knowledge translation activities regarding a palliative approach.

This summary report provides a brief overview of the project’s objectives, methods, and results, and concludes with a table of key messages with the hope that it will inform the ongoing work of improving healthcare services to meet the needs of people who have life-limiting illnesses.

Team members

Researcher Co-Leader

  • Richard Sawatzky

Practitioner Co-Leader

  • Patricia Porterfield

Project Team Members

  • Jennifer Baumbusch
  • Barbara Pesut
  • Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham
  • Della Roberts
  • Tilly Schalkwyk
  • Kelli Stajduhar
  • Carolyn Tayler
  • Sally Thorne