COVID-19 Research Response

MSFHR is undertaking two key strategic provincial research activities to support BC’s coordinated response to the COVID-19 crisis. This work is being undertaken at the request of the BC Ministry of Health.

BC COVID-19 Strategic Research Advisory Committee 

The BC COVID-19 Strategic Research Advisory Committee (SRAC) has been established to serve as a bridge between the Provincial Health Officer, government decision-makers and the health research community in BC in the specific area of COVID-19 research. MSFHR is providing strategic support and serving as the secretariat of this committee. Learn more.

MSFHR COVID-19 Research Response Fund 

The MSFHR COVID-19 Research Response Fund will support research questions arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic through various mechanisms. It will focus on high quality research that evaluates BC’s response to the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and informs ongoing response, especially strategies for avoiding or mitigating subsequent waves of transmission. The first funding call closed May 19 but future calls are planned and will be announced on our website and via our social media channels. Learn more.

Working with partners  

The pandemic has led to a wide array of of research initiatives supported through a variety of funders. Partnerships and collaboration are critically important in supporting a coordinated response to COVID-19 and in optimizing available funding, and MSFHR is committed to exploring these avenues, including new and unique opportunities. Currently:


MSFHR has a COVID-19 partnership fund that supports BC researchers in a coordinated provincial response, and is informed by the work of the BC COVID-19 Strategic Research Advisory Committee.

BC-based researchers applying to CIHR’s COVID-19 Rapid Research Funding Opportunity and other national funding opportunities can request match funding from MSFHR.


The BC Academic Health Science Network and Population Data BC have joined forces with MSFHR to ensure researchers and research teams applying to MSFHR COVID-19 Research Response Fund have access to necessary supports.